Our Mission
Philter Media was founded in 2004 to enable small businesses, political campaigns and other establishments to retain a competitive advantage by utilizing the latest web technologies. We provide full service, customized Internet solutions, which establish online communities, generate marketing and communications synergy, and create new possibilities with your web presence.

Why Philter Media?
Since its inception, the Internet has transformed the way we do business, accumulate and retrieve information, communicate efficiently, streamline organizational processes and even select a mate, to name just a few its effects.
Despite the myriad ways our lives have changed, countless organizations fail to use their web presence to its fullest potential, if at all. The World Wide Web is no longer a "nice to have" or luxury; it's a necessity for competitive advantage in the marketplace of products, services and ideas.
The Internet's rapid evolution has made it difficult to remain current with the latest and greatest web tools. The bar continues to be raised as consumers expect more from their online experience, but more importantly, they demand two-way interaction seeing that the age of one-way mass communication is coming to an end. This two-way communication provides an understanding that would take rigorous market research to obtain the same results.
Philter Media believes that a web presence has the ability to establish a direct conversation with consumers that progresses to a long term, intimate relationship; in other words, creating a sense of empowerment. That's why we stay at the forefront on Internet technology, so our clients have cutting edge tools to connect, communicate and interact with customers and supporters.
Innovative solutions are also harnessed to build brand awareness, maximize exposure, shape personality and rejuvenate an organization's image. Curious consumers return to our clients when they have an exciting experience that is unique; thus, Philter Media provides a customized set of leading technology that injects life into your web presence, a vital part of any organization's strategic plan.
We listen and work alongside you in a team environment because together, we can create new possibilities for your organization by making the most of your web presence.